We are living in an age that allows us to move, to communicate, to act and react, to gather and exchange information with seemingly limitless velocity. What is too often left behind is the care for details and a sense of perfection and accuracy in our communication.
At das korrektiv, we would like to assist you in reaching the highest degree of precision and correctness with all your written communication. We offer professional, dependable support with all aspects of text creation ñ from the composition of texts from scratch to the revision and editing of completed manuscripts, from copywriting to the adaptation and translation of your texts. We help you with putting your ideas in words and your words in the right order, with shaping your texts to fit the context and to reach the intended target audience, with translating your text not merely into another language, but into another cultural context.

The high quality of your texts and communication is our top priority. We concentrate fully on your needs and requirements, our work procedures are flexible as well as project-oriented, and we always deliver on schedule at reasonable prices.

Whichever medium the text is intended for: das korrektiv revises, edits and translates web pages as well as scientific articles, commercial and brochure texts, fiction, business as well as private correspondence, and more. If itís a text, we can fix it.